“The beginning is always today" (Mary Wollstonecraft)

So, here we are. Fresh-faced, our eyes shiny with hope and anticipation, our hearts full to the brim with vim and vigour, our step firm and energetic. We smile as you enter and say a hearty "Welcome!", before pulling back the curtain and wishing you a pleasant stay.

Well, maybe not exactly like that. But we are certainly glad that you have found this page, this blog and most of all our podcast. Today we publish the very first one, and this is the inaugural blog post. We don't know how many of either will follow and whether you will return to page, blog and podcast. But let's just say that we are damn proud that we actually did it and that we think it's not entirely crappy. We hope you might think the same.

A big thanks and shout-out to Dennis over at Science Pie for helping us so much. And otherwise ... thanks to you for taking part in our beginning. Welcome to Outside of a Dog.

- Jonas and Christian